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Choosing A Nanny

  1. Interview and observe all potential caregivers with your child and:
    • Explore why this caregiver wants to care for your child.
    • How does she/he feel about the work?
    • Is this person warm, caring, attentive, and responsive to your child?
    • Take sufficient time to get to know her. Try to make her comfortable so that she can express herself.
  2. Ask all potential caregivers to provide concrete examples of:
    • What they like to do with children.
    • Their feelings about discipline.
    • How would they handle naps, eating, and toilet training.
    • How would they handle an emergency.
  3. Ask a lot of “what if” questions, for example:
    • What if my child cries all day?
    • What if my child refuses to eat? Nap?
  4. Check references and work history.
  5. Be sure that your nanny registers with TrustLine and check both the criminal background report and driving report.
  6. Trust your instincts! Hire someone you like. Hire someone your children like.
  7. Once you have found a good caregiver, remember to:
    • Set up clear job responsibilities and good business practices.
    • Communicate regularly and openly about how the childcare arrangement is working for you and your child.
    • Express praise and appreciation when it is deserved.